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Article I. Name
The name of the organization shall be the Sportsman Fishing Club at LSU.

Article II. Purpose
A. To inform the campus about the sport of bass fishing.
B. To provide opportunities for students to engage in a bass fishing sports club.
C. To provide an opportunity for participating in competitive bass fishing at a collegiate level.
D. To promote bass fishing and cooperation with other organizations on campus.

Article III. Membership
Section 1 – Eligibility
A. The Sportsman Fishing Club at LSU is open to all full time undergraduate and graduate students of Louisiana State University in good academic standing, regardless of ability in bass fishing.
B. Participation is open to active and enrolled students of Louisiana State University. (The top 5 must have a GPA of 2.0 at beginning of each semester.) Members must be a current member of FLW and BASS (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society) and maintain their membership throughout the tournament year for liability coverage and other benefits. No member will be allowed to fish or participate in any club events until all Club dues are paid in full to the officers of the Sportsman Fishing Club at LSU.

Section 2 – Good standing
A. To be an active and voting member, dues must be paid in full. Dues will be voted upon by the club, and the treasurer will collect and account for the dues collected.
B. Sportsmanship. Members that have violated the Sports Club Rules of Conduct or that have abused tournament or Club rules (see Article XI: Sportsmanship) are subject to the following by the Executive Committee:
• Suspension from tournament competition for semester – first offense
• Suspension from the club for a year – second offense
• Termination from the club – third offense
Article IV. Governance
Section 1 – Officers
A. Titles and duties of each officer
1. President:
A. Preside at all meetings
B. Appoint necessary committees
C. Call special meetings of the club as a whole or the officers
D. Act as a liaison between the officers and the advisor/tournament director.
E. Responsible for alerting members by email about upcoming events such as meetings, club qualifiers, and tournaments.
F. Handle duties regarding sponsors and club qualifiers.
2. Vice President:
A. Be responsible for recruitment activities and public relations
B. Handle duties regarding sponsors and club qualifiers.
D. Assist the President and preside at all meetings in the absence of or at the call of the President
E. Be responsible for counting and handling ballots along with the Advisor.

3. Secretary:
A. Keep an accurate record of all current members
B. Call roll at meetings
C. Keep an accurate record of minutes from each meeting
C. Be responsible for all entry fees and forms.
D. Compose all written documents and newsletters to keep members informed about club events or meetings.

4. Treasurer:
A. Collect dues
B. No funds are to be spent without club recommendation
C. Keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements
D. Organize any fundraisers
E. Present a financial report to the club at each meeting.
B. Officer Elections
Officers will be elected through a majority vote of club members on the first meeting of the fall semester. Officers shall be nominated from the floor at the first fall meeting. The voting shall be done at the same meeting by private ballot. Officers will be elected by a plurality of votes with a quorum of two thirds of the club members present. The counting and handling of the ballots shall be the responsibility of the Vice President and Secretary.

C. Officers’ Terms of Office
The terms of office shall be one year, beginning fall semester and end at the end of the following summer semester.
Section 2 – Removal of Members and Officers
A. Removal of Members or Officers
The following are reasons for initiating removal proceedings:
1. Failure to fulfill the responsibilities of his/her office as defined in these bylaws.
2. Missing two functions in a row and neglecting to contact the secretary in advance.
3. Not following the rules of the club.
4. Failure to pay club dues.

B. Procedure for Removing Members
Any member in good standing with the club may bring charges against another member or officer by presenting his/her concerns to the President of the club. The accused member or officer must be notified in writing by the President of the reason for the proposed removal in advance of the meeting to consider removal. The accused member will be given the opportunity to present his/her case to the officers. To revoke membership, a majority vote of the Cabinet (officers) is required.
If the accused member is the President, the next highest ranking officer will control the proceedings.

Article V. Meetings
Section 1 – Regular Meetings
A. The club will meet alternate Wednesdays of each month during the academic year. Any schedule changes will be by notification three days in advance by the club V.P.

Section 2 – Attendance

A. All Club functions and meeting attendance is expected of all club members (as described in the list of rules). Failure to attend meetings or functions (80%) will result in those individuals not being able to hold office the next year. Each meeting a member attends, he will receive 1 point.

Section 3 – Officers’ Meetings
A. The club officers will meet prior to the regular or special meetings of the club to plan the club meetings.
Section 5 – Voting
A. Unless otherwise stated in the club bylaws, a vote carries with the majority of the members present.

Article VII. Finances

Section 1 – Club Dues
A. Club Dues will be in the amount of $35.00 per year to be paid in full by November 1st of the fall semester. Members must also maintain their membership in FLW.

Section 2 – Fundraisers
A. All members are expected to participate in club sponsored fundraisers. Fundraisers are considered club events. See Members in Good Standing.
B. Money raised through fundraisers are payable to the club. Members participating in the fundraisers are financially obligated for those funds. Loss of funds by club members, will have to be repaid before the member will be allowed to continue in club activities.

Article IX. Point System
Section 1 – Points
A. Points will be issued throughout the year for members participating in various events.
B. Casting contest – each member is expected to attend all casting contests. For attending each event members are guaranteed at least 5 points. Members that make it to the second round will be awarded 7 point. The third round will be given points as follows: 5th – 13, 4th – 14, 3rd – 15, 2nd – 16, 1st – 17 points. In a result of a tie, the anglers in question will have a flip-off to determine the winner. Note casting contests are individually based, but members of a team add up their performance points from how they placed. For example if a team has one member get 3rd in the contest and the other fail to make it past the 1st round of competition, then the total number of points for that team will be 20.
C. Qualifying Tournaments – each member is expected to attend and fish in all qualifying events. Each member of a two man team will receive 5 points a person (10 points per team) just for fishing the event. The qualifying tournament Top 3 finishes will receive points as follows: 1st – 30 points per person (60 team), 2nd – 28 points per person (56 team), 3rd – 26 points per person (52 team) and so on for 4th-last place. These points will also be added with the attendance points.
D. Invitational/Regional/National Tournaments – selected members that attend and fish any college level tournament will receive points for their performance. Each team that attends and fishes the tournament will be awarded 10 per team (5 per member). The final results of the tournament determine the points the team/teams receive for fishing. Each tournament no matter the number of boats present will be scaled to a 40 boat field. The place upon which you finish in the tournament will determine the amount of points you receive. 1 point will be given for every other team you out fish. For example a 5th place finish will receive 34 points, plus the 10 points received for fishing the tournament. All points received will be scaled to a 40-point scale.
Section 2 – Top 5 (Tournament Teams)
A. The Top 5 – teams and team members will compete in various club and tournament events throughout the year. In these events the members and team will receive points for attendance and results. Each college tournament available will be filled with the top point team, followed by the second, third, fourth, etc. Points will be awarded for each tournament and qualifier to determine the Top 5 teams throughout the year. After each tournament, qualifier or casting contest, the Secretary will add up all points for each team and publish a new Top 5. The top team will get first choice on the next upcoming tournament. If the top team chooses not to fish then the 2nd team will take their spot, 3rd and so on. If any team in the Top 5 fishes a FLW tournament and qualifies for the Regional Championship, the club will vote on whether the team is allowed to fish any remaining qualifiers or is to step back. If a Top 5 team qualifies they will be named the 1st Team in regards to tournaments other than FLW (if they are limited entry/or unless a qualifier is set up to determine entry). If a qualifier is set up to determine entrance into a tournament, the qualified team/teams are eligible to participate and advance. The top team, with the most points acquired over the season will be the team that is sent to the UA College Bass/Boat U.S. Collegiate Bass National Championship, as long as all requirements are fulfilled. If more than one team is allowed into the National Championship, then the 2nd team with the most points will also be sent.

Article X. Club Qualifiers/Tournament Winnings/Sponsorships

Section 1 – Qualifiers
A. Club Qualifiers - Newly elected officers of the club will meet after the first meeting of the Fall semester to determine locations for club qualifiers. The officers will choose the locations but the club as a whole will vote on dates and times for the club qualifiers to take place. Points will be given for each qualifier. See Article IX – Section 2.
Section 2 – Tournament Winnings
A. Tournament Winnings – any tournament winnings won by members of the club in any college tournament will be put into the club account by the Treasurer. The winning team will receive no more than 10% per member (20% team) of the winnings. No member will take any earnings in college tournaments for themselves or they will be kicked out of the club. Any prize (rods, reels, apparel, etc.) received or earned by a team member or team as a whole that is not money, will be split between the team that received it.
B. Travel Expenses – All tournament winnings (excluding the team’s fee of 20%) will be put into the clubs account for travel expenses and entry fees. Travel expenses are regarded as hotels and gas only. Any other expenses are expected to be met by each member. Any college tournament that requires an entry fee will be paid for by the club.
C. Fundraisers – any money that is gained through a club sanctioned fundraiser will be given back to the club directly.
Section 3 – Sponsorships
A. Sponsorships are a privilege. Officers reserve the right to review all sponsorship proposals. Sponsorship proposals for the upcoming year must be turned in to the President by the last meeting of the spring semester.
B. All sponsors will be treated in a respectable and fair manner. Sponsors are they to help the club out and the club will do as much as it can to help the sponsors out.
C. Any new sponsor will be added to the website and any new apparel (jerseys, shirts, etc.) that the club purchases.

Article XI. Sportsmanship

Section 1 - Traveling/participation in Regional/National Events:
• Members are representing the Club and Louisiana State University.
• Members are under all guidelines for travel and conduct as if you were
at LSU.
• Members will prepare themselves each day for their best effort on the Lake.
• Members will travel together, share hotel rooms and expenses as needed.
• Members will work together as a team for maximum effort in order to obtain the best finish at each event for LSU.
Section 2 – Tournament Rules
• All members must read and follow all read all tournament rules for each tournament fished.
• Each team/member that fails to comply with all rules and regulations will be sent before the Officers.
• Officers will hear the story of the accused and decide if their membership is to be revoked.

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